DIY Distressed Denim Jacket

I seem to have a knack for forgetting about items in my wardrobe. Once the rush of the holidays were over, the new year allowed me to take a moment to organize and take inventory of the monsters in my closet. Enter this Calvin Klein denim jacket. It took awhile to remember this jacket was a thrift store find I originally purchased for a denim themed social back in college. After the social, I stored the jacket in back of my closet where it was left untouched for some time.

I knew I wouldn’t get too much wear out of the jacket unless I lightened it up and gave it a few scratches here and there. My fingers have been itching for a DIY and this jacket seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I started the process by pouring two cups of bleach and hot water into a bucket. I kept the bucket in our washroom sink in case the water spilled over. I would also recommend to do the project in a bathtub or an outdoor setting if it’s not too cold.

I slowly put the jacket inside the bucket and moved it around. I wanted to ensure all parts of the jacket were getting bleached.

I would check on the color process every five minutes. After 20 minutes, and not much color change, I decided to pour the water out and give it another go with more hot water and another two cups of bleach. I poured the second batch out after another 15-20 minutes when I noticed the right amount of color change.

I rinsed off the jacket before putting in the washing machine on a short cycle (20 minutes) with warm water. I used a bit of Tide for the wash just to clean it up a bit and lessen the smell of bleach.

The color turned out a perfect light wash for me, but I was not done yet.

I added a bit of distress to the jacket in certain areas. I did not want to overdo it, so I picked out the places I wanted to add the marks to beforehand. I used box cutters to make horizontal marks against the grain of the denim. After making the cuts I roughened it up with sandpaper. The sandpaper allowed me to add an edge to the denim without having to go too overboard with the box cutters.

How distressed the denim turns out is up to you and what you’re most comfortable with.

The finished product is everything I hoped it would be and more! This may be a DIY I do again with how successful the results were. It’s wearable, chic and a go-to staple piece.


The finished product

Hope you enjoyed my latest DIY adventure. If you have any recommendations or DIY’s you would like me to test out, leave a comment down below!


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