DIY Under Eye Masks

I have recently acquired an obsession with face and under eye masks. An unfortunate allergy to aloe vera has me skipping past many of the face and under eye masks for my dry/combination skin this winter, leaving my skin care obsession sad but my wallet happy. I decided to take matters into my own hands, by doing Pinterest research of course, and make some under eye masks.

While I have dry skin this winter, majority of the time my under eyes are puffy and dark. You know those days when people say, “You look tired,” but you have gotten a full nights rest and you’re just not wearing makeup? That’s the constant state of my under eyes (praise to my concealer).

I decided to test out three different DIY under eye masks this past week to see what works best for my skin. I used the masks as I got ready for the day, like curling my hair and brushing my teeth, and documented the results.

Warning: You’re about to witness me without makeup and in the morning. #Iactuallywokeuplikethis #wearingpajamas #don’tjudge

Under Eye Mask 1: Caffeinated tea
Rating: 7/10

Caffeine is said to help under eye puffiness which is why I went for simple black tea. I started the process like how I would make tea in the morning. I heated up a cup of water in the microwave and let my tea sit in the steaming water. Instead of drinking the tea, I let it cool down in a bowl.

I cut cotton rounds in half and dipped them into the tea. It did not take too long for them to be saturated. I let the cotton rounds sit on a plate so they were not too soaked before before I put them in a plastic bag and into the fridge for cooling.

I labeled which under eye mask it was and the recommended time of keeping the masks on (10 minutes) on the bag before putting it in the fridge.

Result: I recognized a decrease in my under eye bags, but it did nothing for my dry skin. My skin was dry to begin with so it was not a huge loss.

Under Eye Mask 2: Cucumber and coconut oil
Rating: 7.5/10

Cucumbers are said to help lighten the skin around your eyes which is why I used it in my second mask with coconut oil. I wanted to add the moisturizing coconut oil after dealing with my dry under eyes the day before with the black tea mask.

This mask called for a bit more work by blending half a cucumber, a teaspoon of coconut oil and a bit of water until it was smooth and light enough for the cotton squares to absorb. While the black tea under eye mask’s recommended time was 10 minutes, the cucumber eye mask was 15 minutes.

Result: The smell was a refreshing start to the morning, and my under eyes felt softer. I noticed a slight change in the dark circles under my eyes but not too much. I believe the coconut oil helped more so than the cucumber.

Under Eye Mask 3: Coffee grounds and coconut oil
Rating: 9/10

Let’s get one thing straight: I love coffee. Although I have a love for the caffeinated beverage, making this under eye mask was not fun. Contrary to the easiness of the black tea mask and the light, fluffy look to the cucumber and coconut oil mask, this under eye mask looked both dark and grimy.

I simply mixed coffee grounds, coconut oil and a bit of water. The result reminded me of mud after a rainstorm. I repeated the steps of placing the cut cotton rounds in the mix and placing them in a bag and into the fridge. I was unenthusiastic about the results seeing the recommended time for the mask was 5 minutes.

I forgot to take a before shot for the coffee grounds and coconut oil eye mask, but it’s similar to my before shots for eye masks one and two.

Result: The smell was better than the last, especially because I enjoy the smell of coffee in the morning. The cotton rounds were a bit denser than the last two, but it still remained on my under eyes with no problem. I kept the mask on for about 7 minutes. If you try this under eye mask at home, you will have coffee grounds on your under eyes after. Simply rinse off with warm water and it’s all fixed.

Final thoughts: I think the mix of caffeine and coconut oil was my savior, especially for such a short amount of time. The cucumber did help the dark circles under my eyes, but I hoped it would make a more noticeable difference for being on my under eyes the longest. “The Princess Diaries” may have been right when they said, “The cucumber does nothing.”

HACK: If you don’t want to go through the trouble of making an under eye mask, simply rub a bit of coconut oil under your eyes before you go to bed. Sometimes, I put two spoons in the freezer the night before an early morning too. Once I wake up, I place the spoons under my puffy eyes for about 10 minutes or less. The bags under my eyes decrease and it definitely wakes me up in the morning.

Have any beauty hacks? Leave a comment down below!


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