New Lip, New Look

Makeup has become my new guilty pleasure. A few too many trips to Ulta and binge watching every Jaclyn Hill video has led me to my new blog post: finding an outfit based off of different lip colors.

A pop of color on a lip is the thing that can turn a simple outfit into something better. I took three different lip colors, a nude, a hot pink and a dark red lip, to show how you can rock that makeup look with an outfit you may not have thought to do so before.

Note: I am not a makeup artist, nor do I pretend to be so. I just like makeup…a lot.


*Takes deep breath to calm self
*Watches Jaclyn Hill makeup tutorial to do so

Spring arrivals at my job have been coming in fast. As we were hanging up the new dresses that came in last week, a short-sleeved dress with a twisted detail caught my eye. I paired the taupe dress with black tights, over-the-knee grey suede boots and simple jewelry. I wanted my makeup and lip color to reflect the style of the dress: simple yet bold.

I gave myself a bronze smokey eye and used Jeffree Star’s liquid lipstick in the color “Celebrity Skin.” The liquid lip formula is one of the best I have tried because it’s not too drying but still reflects a matte lip.


The lip color is a brown/nude that has some pink undertones

Nude lips are great when you have a dramatic eye or outfit, but I wanted my look to remain monochromatic to show how you can still make a bold statement without doing too much color.

Speaking of going overboard with color…

Look Two: In-your-face bright pink

Bright lip colors are not just for simple outfits. I knew I wanted my second lip to be an almost neon, hot pink. I trusted in my NARS Satin Lip Pencil in the color “Yu.” The color of the NARS lip pencil is so bold that I decided to do the same with my outfit, so I mixed prints and patterns. I wore star embroidered jeans from Dreamer, a casual tank, a lace cardigan and cheetah print flats.

I did a blush pink eyeshadow, some bronzer and blush for my makeup because I wanted the attention to focus on my lip color and how it complemented the look. While the pink lip might be a lot, it helps tie in all the quirky and fun details of the ensemble.

Look Three: Did you drink too much red wine or is that your lipstick?

A dark red lip is often used for darker, more formal looks. While my makeup is more bold with the dark lip color and a cat eye, my outfit is still comfortable and casual. Of course I put my DIY denim jacket in this look because it was chilly outside and I wanted to add a relaxed staple piece.

I used Kylie Jenner’s lip kit in “Merry.” The lip liner does help because darker lip colors can tend to streak. If you have a darker liquid lipstick or satin lipstick that streaks when you apply more than one coat, buying a drugstore lip liner in a similar or exact shade can help set down a base.

Red lipsticks are popular in the colder seasons for the darker, fall colors. While the weather has been warming up it doesn’t mean you should store your dark makeup in storage. I paired the dark red lip with a spring outfit to show how something can both contrast and complement a look.

Makeup, while it can look intimidating at times, is meant to be fun. Pair different makeup looks with outfits you may not have thought of before and you’ll be surprised what may happen!

Until then, the Sephora website is calling my name.

No seriously, I’m out of mascara.


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