Gold Freckles, Yes Please

My makeover kick is going strong, so I thought I would make it stronger this week by talking about something fun, flirty and freckly. Yes, freckly.

Beauty marks, real and fake, have gathered attention this past year. Days of covering natural freckles and/or beauty marks are over: It’s about embracing differences. Enter the Mr. Kate BeautyMarks.

For those who are unaware, Mr. Kate is a lifestyle brand encompassing all things from interior design and DIY to fashion and beauty. Little spiel about co-founder and CEO of Mr. Kate, Kate Albrecht. She’s a self-taught interior designer, bomb jewelry designer and self-labeled #CreativeWeirdo. Her brand Mr. Kate is about embracing one’s oddities and finding the beauty in the little things. I started following her because of her amazing and simple DIYs and then fell into the rabbit hole of

BeautyMarks have now become available at Free People, and I believe they’ll be insanely popular with things like Coachella around the corner and Lollapalooza this summer. To celebrate the growing knowledge of Mr. Kate and BeautyMarks, I have decided to rock my BeautyMarks and showcase how I wore them.

I applied the BeautyMarks-Freckles before I put my makeup on in the morning. The process was so quick and easy that I spent more time over thinking if I did something wrong than I did applying the freckles. I received my freckles as part of a free sample when I bought the BeautyMarks-Doodles.

I wanted my look to be fun and light. If I was going to rock something unique, my outfit and hair had to match. I settled on a colorful cotton shift dress, Mr. Kate “Stud” Earrings and what my dad calls “upgraded Princess Leia buns.” Princess Leia rocks so I appreciated the comment.

I put the freckles more so on the side of my face. I wanted it to go where I would usually put on highlight with my makeup. They last for two to four days and can be removed gently with an oil. I have washed my face twice, taken a shower and they are still going strong, and I consider myself a fairly clean person.

Naturally, I did not stop with the freckles. I added some fun doodles to the mix on my hands. I chose a high-heel, a hanger and a necklace doodle for some fashion fixes.


You can wear the BeautyMarks to events like summer festivals or just to brighten up your Saturday night with friends. Or be like me, who is keeping them on while going to Walgreens.

Why keep them on? Because why not?



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