Apartment Tour

I have been moved in for awhile now, so I figured it was time to share the goods… HomeGoods that is.

When my roommate Kathleen and I were discussing how we should decorate our apartment, we decided “Pinterest goals meets reality budget.” It turned out to be quite easy when we both realized our “Apartment” Pinterest pages were very similar. #Winning/#Twinning

We are very happy for what we accomplished. Our families were big supporters (cough-cough movers) in helping us get here. They provided the muscle, we provided the vision.

Living Room




I believe the movie playing is “Serendipity”


Note: The flowers started to wilt after a day. C’mon, Jewel-Osco





Kathleen and I wanted a bar cart above all else. With our love of wine and Pinterest goals, it just had to happen. I found ours at Target.

Bar cart

Note: Two wine glasses were being washed when this was taken

The cocktail prints are from Etsy. It added a fun-flair to the room.



That concludes the tour (minus the bedrooms). Privacy, ya know?

If you remain curious as to where I got what, leave a comment down below and I will try to find it for you! But, Pinterest is also a beautiful place to begin.


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