Gold Freckles, Yes Please

My makeover kick is going strong, so I thought I would make it stronger this week by talking about something fun, flirty and freckly. Yes, freckly. Beauty marks, real and fake, have gathered attention this past year. Days of covering natural freckles and/or beauty marks are over: It's about embracing differences. Enter the Mr. Kate BeautyMarks. … Continue reading Gold Freckles, Yes Please

New Lip, New Look

Makeup has become my new guilty pleasure. A few too many trips to Ulta and binge watching every Jaclyn Hill video has led me to my new blog post: finding an outfit based off of different lip colors. A pop of color on a lip is the thing that can turn a simple outfit into something better. … Continue reading New Lip, New Look

Go-to Spring Shoes

I have been busy bringing out spring clothes from hibernation due to the early hits of warm weather while I've been on my blog hiatus. As I've been going through my closet, I realized one item in particular I have been using more than any other: My Steve Madden slip-on sneakers. The sneakers have been a … Continue reading Go-to Spring Shoes